24 October 2012

Cowardly Conservatives

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My Dad is 72 and has Parkinsons Disease.  He spent 22 years in the U.S. Army, including 2 years in Vietnam.  He had already been in the Army for several years when Vietnam started and he was a Sergeant.  His men called him Sgt Poppa because he took such good care of them.



He proudly supports President Obama in this election, just like he did in 2008.

My parents recycled their Obama/Biden yard sign from the last election by putting an American flag over the ’08 part.

Below the word ‘Biden’ on this sign you can see some discoloration.  That is where they had taped a ‘Veterans for Obama’ sign.

Somebody came by in the middle of the night and tore it off.   My parents taped it back up again, and again, some cowardly, low life piece of shit snuck up to their house in the middle of the night and tore it off.

My parents glued the sign, taped it and stapled the sign the third time, and once again, some local conservative goatfucker crept up to their house when it was dark, to avoid the 72 year old man with Parkinson’s, and ripped that sign off and threw it on the ground.

They put the ripped sign up again, tacked onto the post they use to fly the American flag.  It’s further away from the sidewalk than it’s previous location, so maybe the nutless fucktard Republican that has been tearing it down won’t be able to get up enough courage to venture that far onto their property to vandalize it again.

I am tempted to tape the sign in it’s original location again and stay at my parent’s house all night, watching the sign, just to catch the person doing this.  I bet that un-American asshole talks lots of shit about ‘supporting the troops’ while violating the home of this old veteran, who has fought off cancer three times.  The cancer and the Parkinson’s is thought to be the result of the Agent Orange he came into contact with in Vietnam, where he was risking his life, missing his family and living in horrible conditions to protect the lives and rights of all Americans, even human vermin like this.

But the best revenge will be to have President Obama win re-election.

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