13 February 2010

Will Shetterly – Midnight Girl

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First book length reading on my new Kindle  (also, I bought a Kindle recently 🙂 ).  I think this is supposed to be Young Adult novel but I thought it worked just fine for a 44 year old dude.  Basically the story of a young girl who finds out on her 14th birthday that she is a wee bit different than all the other kids out there.   I won’t tell you how, exactly, she is different, cause that would be a spoiler.

Pretty much everything in the book has been done before, especially with the current popularity of ‘urban fantasy’ and ‘contemporary fantasy’, but Shetterly ties it all up in a fun and easy to read package.  The characters are appealing and well drawn and the story pulls you right along.

Not sure how long it is cause the Kindle doesn’t do page numbers, but the paperback version says it’s 168 pages.  I read it in an afternoon.  Looks like Mr. Shetterly is self publishing it, even though he is a fairly established author and has been writing for a couple decades now.  Support an indy author and give it a shot!  The Kindle version is a bargain at $3.95.

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Arcanum Says:

14 February 2010 at 2:28 am.

How do you like the Kindle? I have an aversion to reading large amounts of text on anything other than paper, but e-book readers are slightly intriguing devices. That being said, this example seems to indicate a nifty outlet for authors to publish their works without the need for traditional (and potentially exclusionary) methods.

Dirk Says:

14 February 2010 at 11:03 am.

I like it a lot so far. I was gonna write up a review after I’d had it for a while. I had some misgivings about it because of drm and the high price of some ebooks, but there is plenty of stuff to read that is older and less expensive or even free.

I don’t like reading on screens much either but so far the Kindle has been pretty easy to read on. The e-ink is very different than standard computer screens and you can easily adjust the size of the text, which is nice.

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