17 November 2011

The Walking Dead

Posted by Dirk under: television .

As you can see in this picture from one of my bookshelves, I really like the graphic novel version of The Walking Dead.  (Not as much as Hellboy, but still, I dig it).

So, when I heard that AMC was going to make a TV show based on this I was pretty excited.  This comic seems like prime TV show material.  I didn’t see how anybody could fuck it up.

But, in my opinion, AMC did.  Their version of The Walking Dead is very disappointing to this particular zombie fan.  It has a few glimmers of goodness (Norman Reedus as Daryl is the best part of the show), and I am still watching every episode, but I think AMC is really screwing the pooch on this show so far.

Hopefully the show will gel somehow and start not being annoying sometime soon.


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