8 November 2007

Pyramid Apricot Weizen

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I love this beer. It’s about all I drink when I “drink”. Hardcore beer drinkers probably would think it’s a sissy beer cause it’s not bitter or hoppy, but screw those guys. I’m the one drinking and I’ll drink what I like. And right now, I’m liking this 😀

I used to drink all those other beers, the bitter stuff. The thick stuff. The dark beer. Hell, I live practically across the street from the Sierra Nevada Brewery. I smell that stuff brewing nearly every day. And I like the smell. But when I’m drinking, I like this apricot stuff, these days.

If you are tired of that bitter stuff, you should check it out. It’s mighty tasty! Bet ya can’t drink just one!!!!!

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Arcanum Says:

8 November 2007 at 11:13 am.

Most of my friends consider me a beer snob. I do drink hoppy beers that most people consider bitter, like the Pacific Northwest-style pales and IPAs. I also enjoy good porters and stouts. Not sure if this qualifies me as a “hardcore beer drinker”, but I do tend to drink beer that others find too strong. I leave the limp-wristed, watered-down swill to mass-market beer drinkers. Why people drink that crap is beyond me…

Anyhow, I have to agree that Pyramid’s Apricot is a great beer. Not just good, but great. Pyramid makes a very nice Hefeweizen (not as good as Widmer Bros., but that’s another thread). They’ve taken that and created a “fruity” beer that isn’t too sweet or over the top. It pairs well with spicy foods. It goes down easy on hot summer days. And, it’s a beer that can be shared with the ladies who are usually not beer drinkers.

If I had to compile a top ten “Beers I never get tired of drinking” list, Pyramid Apricot Weizen would probably be included. Along with Boont Amber, Widmer Hefeweizen, and Fat Tire, to name a few.

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