5 January 2009

Aravind Adiga – The White Tiger

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Winner of the Man Booker Prize in 2008.  The story of a man born very poor in a small village in India who gets lucky and is hired to be a driver for a rich man.  This brings him to New Delhi where he slowly becomes aware of the disparity between the haves and the have nots.  He finally comes to the conclusion that there is only one way for him to move higher in the world.

This book is totally out of the genre ghetto that I usually read in but I still dug it.  I used to think it would be cool to visit India but I’m not so sure I want to after reading this book 🙂

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Magus Says:

6 January 2009 at 8:00 am.

I really liked the book. The “A” story about Balram was pretty cool, but mostly I liked the way the settings are described. There was a real immersion factor for me.

The main storyline had me wondering what the hell is going on over there though. Maybe David Simon should set his next show in India. =)

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