5 November 2008


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Yes, you, if you are one of the 5,191,663 goatfuckers that voted for Prop 8, what do your Mormon masters expect of you next?

I suspected the primitive goatfuckers would win this one.  You guys aren’t even ready to take baby steps into the future.  You’re gonna sit there in the past, pouting, refusing to move forward, holding the rest of us back.

Well, eventually you lot are gonna get old and wither up and lose your strength and then us forward looking types will grab you by the hair and drag you into the future.  Then we’re gonna ban goatfucking, you sorry bastards.   You’ll have to settle for playing G@atPhuck! on the Wii with your buddies.

And in that future, when we have settled into it and worn it for a while and got comfy with it, young people, your grand kids or great grand kids, they’ll hear you say some homophobic shit when we elect our first openly gay president and they’ll look at you with a shocked look and gasp and their parents will say something like “Oh, he can’t help it, that’s just the way he was raised.  He’s a product of his time.  And he misses his goat.”

And that’ll be it.  You sorry lot of primitives will be consigned to being footnotes in the history books, in the chapter covering discriminating goatfuckers. It’s too bad you lasted as long as you did because you sure are causing a lot of pain in people’s lives.  It probably tells you to do that in the bible though, right?

And any of you Christians types that whine and complain when people roll their eyes when they find out your religion or say something mean about your religion, shut the fuck up.  This is the reason why.

Keep your god damn bible out of my life and we’ll get along fine.  You can go to your golden temples on Sunday and I’ll go to Costco.

But as long as you keep trying to force the rest of us to follow the rules set down in your ancient goatfucking manual, we are gonna be pissed.

I know that plenty of Christian types did not support Proposition H8 and I’m sorry you are getting some of the blowback from this fight.   I dunno what to tell you.  Maybe buy a t shirt that says something like “I’m a Christian but I don’t condone what the primitive goatfucking Christians are doing!”

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Arcanum Says:

5 November 2008 at 10:02 am.

I’ve been thinking that we (we, being all the open-minded forward-thinkers of society as opposed to the narrow-minded, bigoted, ignorant, and intolerant (or, as Dirk calls them, “goatfuckers” (which is much less unwieldy (hey, how may parenthetical references can I shove in this statement?)))) should author and find sponsorship for an initiative that negatively effects the proponents of initiatives like Proposition 8 in a fundamental way. I haven’t yet figured out what that would be while not sinking to their same level of illogical hate.

My belief is that people should be able to do pretty much whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt other people, even if I don’t personally agree with it. The Constitutional amendment approved by Proposition 8 is exactly the opposite of that. It actively seeks to hurt other people. These fundamentalists seem to believe that by not defining an idea like marriage they are somehow having gay marriage imposed upon them. This upsets them. So what do they do? Make sure their beliefs are imposed on others. Fucking hypocrites. I hope all of their sons and daughters grow up to be happy, healthy, and gay. Or perhaps atheist or agnostic.

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