27 October 2008

Larry McMurtry – Books: A Memoir

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Larry McMurtry has written a lot of books, including one of my favorites of all time, Lonesome Dove.  He’s also been a bookman, buying and selling books, for nearly as long as he’s been writing them.  He is a book lover.  His book store in Archer, TX is one of the largest used bookstores in America.  Someday I must make a pilgrimage to it.

This book is a bit of a ramble through his life as a bookman.  It’s a bit boring and if you don’t like books you probably won’t be interested in it.  He talks about a lot of other book people he has had business with and known over the years and books he’s bought and sold.  Bookstores that no longer exist.

I know, it sounds super boring and a few reviews I’ve read for it wonder why it was ever printed.  I dunno, but it drew me along.  It’s not very long, the chapters are super short, like 1 to 2 pages.  And I’m a book guy too, so I find it all somehow interesting.

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