9 October 2008

Seriously now…

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There still seem to be quite a few McCain/Palin supporters out there.  Many of you like to go on about the ‘Ayers thing’ and call Obama a terrorist because of his association with Bill Ayers.   If you are one of those people that are dragging this dead horse through the mud I have a simple question for you:

Are you fucking retarded?


Bill Ayers was involved with the Weathermen when Obama was approximately 8 years old.  Even if you do consider what the Weathermen did as ‘terrorism’ (which is a whole nother ball of rice), by the time Obama had any actual contact with Bill Ayers, Ayers was a ‘Distinguished Professor’ at the University of Illinois.  He wasn’t a fugitive on the lam, hiding from the feds.  Obama didn’t hide him in his back room while the FBI asked questions at the front door.

They both served on the same boards for a couple of nonprofit organizations in Chicago.  It wasn’t just the two of them on those boards.  They didn’t have secret meetings where they plotted the downfall of the United States.  One of the nonprofits was an anti-poverty group started in 1941 and the other was “a large education-related nonprofit organization”.

Also, Bill Ayers hosted a fund raiser thingie for Obama in 95 or so.

And some of you think *that* makes Obama a terrorist?  Really?  Again… Are you fucking retarded?  Did your mother drink a lot when she was pregnant with you?  Did your dad throw you in the air and fail to catch you when you were an infant?

I’m asking only because, if there was some physical reason like that for your stupidity, I could let it go.  You know, write it off and ignore it.  Yah yah, buddy, Obama is a terrorist. Sure sure.

But if it isn’t the case that you have a physical problem like that, then really, there must be something else going on.  Chances are, you realize too that this ‘Obama is a terrorist’ bullshit is, in fact, feces from a large horned herbivore.  Deep in your brain you *know* it.  But, you can say you are against Obama and use this as an excuse to hide the real reason you don’t want him for President.

Cause he’s black.  Go ahead, just admit it.  You’ll feel better.  Say it out loud.  “I don’t want a black man as President.”  Don’t you feel better now?

Let’s take it a step further, you’ll feel even better.  Let’s get into the deep, reptilian part of your brain.  Pull back that red, white and blue cotton candy and poke that little lizard in your cerebral cortex.

Now that you’ve admitted you don’t want a black man as President, admit that what you really don’t want is some uppity nigger as President.  Right?  Right?  C’mon now, we’re doing so well, don’t clam up on me.  The truth will set you free.

So, to finalize your treatment, find another person.  If you are at work, go to your nearest coworker and tell them the truth. “I don’t want no uppity ass nigger as President!”  Scream it if that’ll help.  Felt good to get it out, right?  Now type it up and send it as an email to all the people in your address book.  Tell them you really don’t think Obama is a terrorist, that all that Bill Ayers crap is just to hide the fact that you don’t want no uppity ass nigger trying to tell you what to do.

Great.  Now get back to work, you racist piece of shit.

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