12 September 2008

Richard K. Morgan – Broken Angels

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The second Takeshi Kovacs book.  This one isn’t quite as much a detective story as the first one.  Kovacs is part of a mercenary unit on a planet that is in the middle of a nasty civil war.  He is approached by some dude who has knowledge of an archaeological site that has some ancient Martian technology that is probably worth a ton of money and the dude wants Kovacs to help him actualize some profit..

The rest of the book is about how Takeshi approaches a large corporation and sells them the info about this site and helps them put together a team of dead spec ops guys to go to the site and claim it for the corporation.  Except of course, there are lots of things that complicate the job.

I liked this book too.  It has a lot more military stuff in it than the previous book but that’s cool by me.

I know Morgan has a few more books out but I’m not sure if any of the others are Takeshi Kovacs books.  I’ll have to look into that.

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