27 August 2008


Posted by Dirk under: musings .

A friend of mine was complaining about how she really hates her job and if it wasn’t for the fact that she needs the health insurance provided by her job she’d quit and spend more time with her newborn son.

I find myself in the similar situation (but without the kid).  If we had some sort of universal health care, such as other non-3rd world countries like France, England and Canada, I’d email a picture of my ass to my manager tomorrow (not my supe, she’s pretty cool) along with 30 pt red text telling her to “Kiss It!”.

I wonder how many people in America keep jobs they hate just because they need the health insurance.

In other news, a gang of internet hooligans have somehow acquired photos of me in a compromising situation and are blackmailing me into playing Lord of the Rings Online with them, which will cut into my reading time by quite a bit, I’m sure, so probably fewer posts here for a bit, while, like Clifford Stoll, I track the hooligans to their lair and nuke them from orbit.

Cause it’s the only way to be sure.

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