22 July 2008

Diet Pepsi

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I used to be a serious Diet Pepsi addict.  I bought that stuff by the case.  I’d go through a 6 pack of DP cans in a day, pretty easy.

I finally decided that it wasn’t doing my brain any good.  Seems I read that the aluminum can cause Alzheimers or something, but I don’t really remember exactly.  I was also tired of saving all the cans for recycling.

So, I quit. Not quite cold turkey.  I cut back for a while and then I just quit.

It sucked but eventually the craving passed.  I sometimes still have a diet soda when we go out to eat and occasionally I get a Big Gulp with my special mix of Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Pepsi, but that tastes different than a DP out of a can, as I found out recently.

We are planning on going camping on the coast for several days.  Gonna do a lot of walking along the beach and day hikes.  Figured I needed a good supply of beverages so what the heck, I’ll get a 12 pack of DP.  Except at the store, the 24 pack was like, a dollar more than the 12 pack so I couldn’t buy just the 12 pack and instead got the huge ass brick of 24 Diet Pepsi.  Oh well, a few extra won’t hurt.  I will not become addicted again!

That’s for sure.  I put half in the fridge last night and this morning I cracked one open for a nice frosty injection of funky flavored caffeine and… blurg!  This stuff tastes like shit when it comes out of a can.  I can really taste the aluminum, it seems.  The soda tastes like crud.  Maybe I just need to wait till later in the day when my tongue has built up a protective coating or something.

I wish I hadn’t bought that huge ass case now.

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