8 December 2007

Neal Asher – The Skinner

Posted by Dirk under: books .

A fun book. Very imaginative, full of action, some humor.

On the planet of Spatterjay, everything is dangerous. Luckily, getting bitten by one of the many leeches on the planet infects a human with a virus that makes them basically immortal. The older a Hooper gets (Hooper being the name for inhabitants of Spatterjay) the tougher they get. The oldest on the planet are the Old Captains, most of whom are near a thousand years old.

There is also a pissed off cop who’s been dead 700 years but still searches for some really bad dudes; an ancient war drone AI with an attitude; a hornet hive mind (turns out humans were not the only sentient creatures on earth); and many other memorable characters.

I highly recommend this book. Googling Neal Asher it looks like he has several other books set in this same general setting. I look forward to reading those also.

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