1 February 2010

Shut your hole.

Posted by Dirk under: rant .

If you get a big tax refund check because you’ve got kids, don’t go around gloating about all the money you are getting back because there are plenty of people like me that have chosen not to have any kids but yet we still get to pay for your kid’s education and shit like that.   And let me make this clear, I don’t mind paying for other people’s kid’s education.  Not at all.  I think it is very important.  What pisses me off is when I am paying for it and the people who had the damn kids are not paying for it.  That really frosts my goat.

I know kids are expensive to raise.   That’s why some of us don’t have any.  I know they are all cute and shit and you got that maternal instinct telling you to drop a couple of screaming meatsacks into the world but you are a human being.  You have a brain.  Use it to evaluate your life and figure out if you can afford to pay for those kids.   If you can’t (and many of you can’t) then don’t have em ffs.

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Chris Cornie Says:

24 May 2011 at 12:57 pm.

Hell yes, I can empathize with you on that one !!!

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