5 November 2008

Cry me a river.

Posted by Dirk under: politics .

It’s all over except for the crying now.  Everywhere I’m reading and hearing McCain supporters pointing at his concession speech and saying “See, he’s a good and honorable man, you gotta give him that.”.  Bullshit.  Sure, he gave a decent “I lost” speech but that doesn’t change the fact that he ran one of the nastiest campaigns ever.  That doesn’t change the lies and filth McCain and his surrogates tried to smear all over Obama.  That doesn’t change the fact that McCain thought so little of the American People that he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.  That doesn’t change the realities of the Keating Five or that McCain left this crippled wife.  He’s not an honorable man.  He is a crass opportunist of the worst sort and the only American People he gives two shits about is himself and those that can help him.

Not only am I glad he lost I will continue to spit on him till the day I die.  Yah, I’m a sore winner but I’d have been an even worse loser.  This isn’t a baseball game we are talking about here, this is the fate of America and I don’t fucking feel like being nice to a guy that was gonna lead us even deeper into ruin just so he could beat his dad and grandad by becoming POTUS.

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Robzilla Says:

6 November 2008 at 3:52 pm.

Dude, don’t hate my guts or anything but you sound like a carbon copy of Rush Linbaugh. Your just the liberal version. How do you sit there and spew out all that and call yourself a “forward thinker”.

Dirk Says:

6 November 2008 at 4:31 pm.

You are welcome to your opinion. Obviously, I disagree with it.

Are you talking about his particular post or all of the ones I’ve posted recently?

One obvious difference is that I write what I write because I honestly feel that way while Rush says whatever is going to make him the most money.

Gaunter Says:

11 January 2009 at 3:12 am.

Again, opinions can differ, but saying McCain ran one of the nastiest campaigns ever, seems hard to support. He actively tried to restrain the worst parts of the Republican/Christian Right. What he did and said to Obama pales to what GW did to him in just the Republican Primary. There was no Swift Boat contingent this time, based almost solely on McCain fighting against such.

So you can think and say what you want, but I like McCain the man. Yeah he cheated on his wife and left her, but if I was locked away in a prison like he was, repeatedly tortured, abused and left crippled, I would probably want to focus on “fun” things too when I got out. If he was Sooo bad to his ex, why does she have such nice things to say about him now?

As far as “spitting on him”, I am trully surprised you would hold to such rhetoric when your own father similarly sacrificed years and health to the Vietnam War. Whatever else, the man went to war, fought hard, endured more than you or I can ever imagine, and came out and forged a successful life. Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, as a man, and a public servant, he has repeatedly done what he felt was best for our nation, even when it wasn’t popular with his own party. If anything, he got caught up in the Republican machine, and did his best to limit the excesses that GW simply kept pushing fore. Its interesting to note that many conservative commentators are now blaming McCain for the loss, because he would not allow them to run the nasty and divisive campaign that they felt could give him the win.

Dirk Says:

12 January 2009 at 8:15 am.

I couldn’t give a shit about McCain anymore. He’ll fade from the collective memory now and will be just a footnote in history.

You really shouldn’t compare him to my dad though. You don’t know shit about my dad and comparing him to McCain is offensive as hell.

Gaunter Says:

25 January 2009 at 9:33 pm.

Hmm, I did not think I compared your father to McCain, (or vice versa). I have a lot of respect for your father, (and have always liked him). While I have not spoken to your father in a number of years, (I think your surgery was the last time I saw him), over the years I have talked to him a number of times and have always been impressed with both his accomplishments and character.

I was just genuenly surpirsed by your comment. I know how proud you are of your father’s military service, so I was surprised you had such an unmitigated “spit on him” opinion of McCain. In my mind, this was not a “comparison”, but rather simply acknowleding that they both made sacrifices for their country based on their military service. As such, they both deserve respect and credit for such sacrifices. I can’t understand WHY MY believing both your father and McCain deserve such respect and credit for their military service would be offensive to you, or your father.

If this is like a really “sore” point with you, then don’t bother. But I would be interested to know if your dad would/did take affront to what I wrote. Again, it was not intended to demean your father in any way. I generally believe that anyone who serves our country in the military deserves respect and admiration for such service. My sense, from previous discussions with your father, is that he feels the same way.

Dirk Says:

26 January 2009 at 9:09 am.

You are directly comparing them. What else would you call it?

I say: I don’t like McCain.
You say: But he was in the military, your dad was in the military and you like your dad so you should like McCain too.

That’s a direct comparison. You are equating McCain’s military experience’s with my dad’s and in essence, saying they are the same.

My dad worked for everything he ever got in his life. He was one of half a dozen kids growing up without a dad in rural Indiana in the 40’s and 50’s. He grew up dirt poor and started working bucking hay when he was in his teens. He joined the army to get a better life. The soldiers that served with him in Vietnam called him Sergeant Poppa cause he took care of them so well.

McCain joined the Navy and both is dad and grandfather were or had been admirals. They have ships and airfields named after his dad and granddad. He made it into and through Annapolis because of his family. Everything he did in the Navy was touched by the fact that he was the son and grandson to two admirals. He didn’t have to work for anything and by every account I read he didn’t. He was a playboy pilot that flew over all the crap on the ground.

That’s why I find it insulting for you to compare his military service to my dad’s.

Gaunter Says:

26 January 2009 at 5:00 pm.

Dirk said, “That’s why I find it insulting for you to compare his military service to my dad’s.”

I am truly sorry if you think I insulted you or your father, that was in no way my intention.

It was not even my intent to “compare” their service records, only to acknowledge that they both deserve respect and admiration for serving and sacrificing for our nation through their military service. I feel the same way about almost all U.S. veterans, (I put in this caveat because GW is no veteran, yet he calls himself one).

I said, “similarly sacrificed years and health to the Vietnam War”. That statment is factually correct in that both your father and McCain have suffered health problems related to their service in Vietnam. Both your father and McCain spent years in Vietnam risking their lives. Those two “similarities” is all I referenced, and are factually correct. Rather than interpreting me “insulting your father”, by referencing these two very generalized “facts”, you might reconsider whether McCain deserves to be “spit on”, which was the comment that started this thread for me.

I know you don’t like McCain, and I really don’t believe or actually care whether you ever change your mind. It just seems that you are taking a play book from the Republican Smear Tactics 101 manual by basically saying that there is nothing he has EVER done, that deserves some appreciation or respect. Yes, he is the son of several admirals. Because of this, when the North Vietnamese found out about it, they offered to release him early. Crippled from the injuries he sustained in both his shoot down and subsequent beatings, and suffering from life threatening illnesses, McCain refused to leave the “Hanoi Hilton” until all of his fellow prisoners were released, (I believe it was about an additional 14 months).

I can tell you one thing. I doubt I would have had the strength of character and will power to make such a decision to stay there for another 14 minutes. So even though there are some things I do not like about McCain, I certainly have a ton of respect for his military service and sacrifices to our country.

If I compared, (or even referenced) your father’s military service to GW, then I would clearly understand your feelings. (GW did not sacrifice shit, his daddy kept him safe). I would not do that however, for I respect and admire your father way too much.

Dirk Says:

26 January 2009 at 5:37 pm.

Whatever. Apparently you don’t know what ‘compare’ means. I don’t see any point in continuing the discussion.

Consider me not insulted on the matter.

As for your tale of McCain’s POW experience, that is one account. His account. Other’s have other tales to tell of his time there.

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