25 October 2008

James Howard Kunstler – World Made By Hand

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Another sort of post-apocalypse book.  Really more of a post-slow-decline book.  No real explanation is given for the world’s state in the book though some mention is made of bombs going off in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. and apparently oil/gasoline is no longer available. And a flu took out a large chunk of the population.

So now America is set back 100 years or so.  People walk everywhere or ride horses.  Little trading occurs so they have to use what they can get locally.  Pretty much nobody has electricity.

I liked the book and read it pretty quick, but I disagree with some of the author’s vision of what would happen to America under these circumstances.  I don’t see the country reverting to quite this level.   I mean, nobody even rides bikes in the book.

But like I said, I still enjoyed the narrative.

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