18 October 2008

Ralph “Sonny” Barger – Ridin’ High, Livin’ Free: Hell-Raising Motorcyle Stories

Posted by Dirk under: books .

This was one of those books that I saw at the FotL used book sale and thought “SCORE!”.

Sonny Barger has been a Hells Angel since 1957.  He’s gotta have some great stories to tell.  If there was one thing I was not expecting when I bought this book it’s that the book would be boring.

But it is.  I thought so anyway.  There might be some exciting stories further on in the book but I wouldnt’ know because I didn’t finish it.

Boring is about the worst sin a book can have for me.

I’m sorry the book was boring. I was looking forward to some ‘hell-raising motorcyle stories’.  Oh well.

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