8 November 2007

Sound Opinions – podcast

Posted by Dirk under: music .

I’m not really much of a podcast person. I don’t listen to talk radio either.  My brain isn’t good at listening to somebody talk while I’m doing something else.

I do listen to this one though.  Sound Opinions calls itself “the world’s only rock and roll talk show”.  It consists of two guys that write about rock and pop music for two Chicago papers who talk about rock and pop music.  Sorta like the old Siskel & Ebert movie review show, but for music.   They also do some bit on music news and have the occasional guest on the show.

I like the show.  Being able to listen to snippets of the music being reviewed is cool.

You don’t need iTunes or an iPod to listen to a podcast.  It’s just an mp3 you can download and listen to however you want.   I just pasted http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheSoundOpinionsPodcast into Amarok and it downloads the new episodes automagically when they are available.  Or you can just go to http://www.soundopinions.com/podcast.html and download the mp3s individually. They also have a large archive available of past shows you can yoink if you like em.

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