22 March 2010

Health Care Bill

Posted by Dirk under: politics .

I very much want a good public health system here in America. Something like what Canada has would be splendid.  That isn’t what we got this weekend though.   What was passed had too many insurance lobbyists help in writing it.   Bloom from my message board posted this link which addresses many of the flaws of the bill that passed.

A lot of people are saying this is just the first step.  That now that it has been passed it can be improved upon.  I suppose.  But my pissy side thinks it won’t be improved.  I have a real problem with individual mandates and no public option from which to purchase health insurance.  The Federal Government just gave all those for-profit health insurance companies a great big present.

And another thing, if I ever have some old fucker who is on Medicare get in my face and tell me that a single payer option would lead to socialism, I’m gonna punch him in the face.

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