26 October 2007

The West Wing

Posted by Dirk under: television .

I’m a latecomer to this show. It came and went with lots of good publicity but I never watched it while it was on the air.  Not sure why. Sometimes I’m just ornery, I guess, and resist watching/reading/listening to what a bunch of people say is good.

I ended up putting the first disk in my Netflix que after watching this clip from the show on youtube.  The first disk hooked me pretty good and I’ve been on a West Wing near-marathon since then.

I think it’s very entertaining. I also think it’s pure fantasy.  I’d like to believe there are people in government that have these kind of high morals and honest desire to do the right thing, but I just don’t think it’s so.  Anybody that gets to that level in the political game has sold themselves.

The West Wing is to liberals as 24 is to conservatives?  Haha.

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