13 October 2007

Joe R. Lansdale – A Fine Dark Line and Sunset and Sawdust

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Two more Joe R. Landsale books from the library.

A Fine Dark Line involved another young protagonist in Texas.  His family own a drive in theater and his discovery of a box of old love letters in a burned out old house lead him into an old mystery.  I liked this book better than The Bottoms but I liked Sunset and Sawdust even more.   S&S starts off with a bang and keeps the pace up for the rest of the book.  A woman (Sunset) takes over as constable for her husband (after she shoots him dead. He deserved it though) and deals with some real bad dudes.  It’s a very fun book, I thought. Lots of humor and action and memorable characters.  Far and away my favorite of the three recent Lansdale books I read.

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