3 February 2009

Benjamin Nugent: American Nerd – The Story of My People

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This book caught my eye at the library and I snagged it.

I finished it but I wasn’t too impressed with it.  The book is pretty disjointed.  Some historical perspective on the genesis of the ‘nerd’ in America and a bunch of personal anecdotes from the author about his own personal nerd journey.

One of my main problems with the book is that the author isn’t really a nerd.  He was for a few years when he was a kid but then he decided he didn’t want to be a nerd anymore and threw his buddies under the bus.  I can forgive a lot of things but that sort of disloyalty really chaps my hide.  You don’t treat your friends like that.

I really think the book is just an attempt at selling some books while nerds are popular.  Screw that and screw Benjamin Nugent.

Nerd 4 Life, bitch!

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