9 December 2008

Robert Crais – The Watchman

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The Watchman is sort of a spin-off book.  Crais is best known for the ten or so Elvis Cole novels he’s written.  Elvis is a wise-cracking detective that wears Hawaiian shirts and is slightly goofy.  He can handle himself too but when he gets into a tight jam he calls on his buddy and partner, Joe Pike.  Joe is a bad mofo.  In The Watchman, Joe Pike is the main character and it’s pretty cool.

There is a quite a bit of background info on Joe.  Some flashbacks to his short time on the LAPD.  He becomes a bit more than the silent asskicker in chromed aviator glasses that he’s been up till now.  Though he’s still that.

The basic premise is that a rich spoiled girl (sort of a Paris Hilton type) saw something she shouldn’t have and now some bad guys want to kill her.  Joe Pike is hired by her father to keep her safe.  And he does that.

I liked the book.

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