26 September 2007

David Anthony Durham – Walk Through Darkness

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William, a slave in Maryland, finds out that his wife has been sent North and that she is pregnant. He escapes and heads out to find her. This is the story of his quest.

Soon after he escapes a mysterious (and violent) stranger shows up and sets out in search of William. As the story unravels we find out that not all is as it seems.

A much different book than the previous David Anthony Durham book I read. This is not a genre book at all. This is the sort of book Oprah might choose for her book of the month club (which would make Mr Durham very happy, I’m sure), but I doubt she’d look twice at Acacia, because it’s ‘fantasy’.

I liked this book also. It has some brutal scenes in it. The few moments of explosive violence are again written very well. Durham has a gift for writing action scenes that (for me anyway) unfold very nicely in my head as I read his description.

It’s a very American story of humanity and redemption.

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