9 September 2008

Good company: Mushkin

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When I put together my current computer about a year ago I ordered it with two gigs of RAM from Mushkin.  When I got the computer and put everything together I had some issues.  I’d get odd crashes as I was using the computer.  This went on for a little while before Arc hooked me up with a program to run that would scan my RAM for errors.

I fired it up, went to bed and the next morning I saw that one of the sticks of RAM was jacked up.  I switched em back and forth and found the bad one, pulled it out and run it on one gig.

I called Mushkin (I actually ordered all the parts through another company) and they said no problem, send us the RAM and we’ll send you some replacements.

The problem was, I was playing WoW at the time and didn’t want to be without a computer for a week or two while waiting for my RAM to get here.  So I just basically said screw it and just stuck with the one gig.

Well, a week or so I was looking at the Mushkin website and saw I could get two sticks of the identical RAM I had for about  $55 delivered.  What a deal.  I ordered them.

Today I got the package.  I popped open my computer.  Stopped, got the vacuum cleaner, sucked a ton of dust out of the computer, and the attempted to install my new RAM.  Grr.  It just wouldn’t fit.

After several frustrating minutes I compared a stick of my new RAM with what is supposed to be an identical stick of my old RAM.  They were not the same.  Not the same number of pins and the little cut out was in different spots.  The labels stuck on em are the same though.

I called Mushkin.  Easy peasy, they think they must have mislabeled my new stuff.  They are sending me 2 x 2 gig RAM sticks to replace my 4 x 1 gigs and they are sending it to me first so I can install it and then send back my old stuff.  No down time, no cost to me and I get even better RAM.  Maybe some day I’ll even get 2 more 2 gigs so my RAM stick will be as big as Arc’s.

So, if you need some memory for your computer, check out Mushkin. They do customer service right!

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