21 July 2008

Ellen Kushner – The Privilege of the Sword

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A young noble girl’s family is financially strapped so they agree to send her to the city to live with her uncle for six months.  Her uncle is The Mad Duke and he has agreed to help them out financially if they agree to his terms.  They do and off she is sent.  Her uncle puts her to work, training to be a swordfighter.  This isn’t something women do, but they call him the Mad Duke for a reason.

It’s a fun book.  Some romance, some sword fighting, some intrigue.  The characters are cool.  I read Kushner’s Swordspoint last year and liked it also. This book is set 18 years after that one and has some recurring characters.   There is another book in the ‘series’ called The Fall of the Kings, which I haven’t read yet, but will.

Ellen Kushner’s website 

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