3 July 2008

AC/DC and Walmart

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Angus, Malcolm….what are you doing?!

I just heard that AC/DC is releasing their next studio album exclusively through Walmart.  I was probably not going to buy it anyway but it still bugs me that they would do this.  They aren’t the first music act to do this, Garth Brooks, The Eagles and Journey did it before them, but I could give a shit what any of those bands do.  I don’t mind talking shit about Garth, The Eagles or Journey, because I don’t really like them  (Journey and The Eagles had one or two songs I like, but for the most part, blech).

But AC/DC!  I love AC/DC.  Some of the best rock ever is from AC/DC.  Yah, it’s all 20+ years old, but still.  I don’t care for much after Back in Black, but that album might be the greatest rock album of all time and the ones they released before certainly have some of the greatest songs ever recorded.

Oh well.  For the love of money is the root of all evil.

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Robzilla Says:

8 July 2008 at 4:51 pm.

You could look at this a bit differently if you wanted to Dirk. Walmart will sell these disks for less money than other stores would. For most of the lower middle class Walmart saves families a ton of money every year. For myself, I shop at Target over Walmart (I just HATE that bouncing freaking yellow ball) but I pay more to do that. Although if I did want this record I would have to brave the wally world to get it and that sucks.

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