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Author Topic: Hello Everyone, this is Gaunter  (Read 5299 times)
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« on: July 26, 2007, 11:36:01 PM »

Since I have "jumped with both feet into the blog" I have been asked by the Neo-Conservative and over-bearing administration of this place to introduce myself.   Grin

My name is Dave and I have been a friend of Megos for, wait for it......over 20 years.  So yes, I am old too.  Started gaming with the 1st edition of Gama World when i was around 12 yrs old, and continued through all or at least most of the major pnp games that came out through the 1990s.  Then Mego got me into MUDs and finally WoD where I know some of you from.  I was the idiot that volunteered the Chico Cabal to host WoD, though I was smart enough to stay out of the day to day affairs.  My main character there was Rykus, and my main merchant was Cabinsod.  After Wod, I got into NWN and ended up helping to run the finest NWN server ever, (wink wink), Divided Kingdoms.  I played so many characters there I don't remember them all, but I was probably best known as DM Conundrum.  Now I play WoW and am a member of the Misfit League guild along with Mego and a few other people on this board.

I became an instant dad at 21, so have worked a lot of different jobs through the years to support my family while I worked my way through college and law school.  This also led me to open a couple of businesses through the years, when I could not find a decent job that would work with school.  I use to have ideas and aspirations of politics, and have worked on and advised candidates on local and regional campaigns.  Unfortunately, the older I get, the more liberal my views tend to be interpreted as.  Given that I live in a VERY conservative area, and don't want to move, I have decided to pretty much stay in the back ground at this point.

I am very happily maried to a wonderful lady.  We are getting ready to celebrate out third anniversary in October, (though we have been together for over 10 years).  I have two step kids from my first marriage that I raised from age 6 and 8, (so I consider them my children), and then two step kids from this marriage.  Only the youngest is at home.  She is 22 and an honor student in grad school, where she is getting her masters in Social Work.  We tend to argue and fuss, because as my wife is fond of saying, we are pretty much mirror images of each other, (which is really sad for her).   Grin   

I am actually a nice guy, but am an ass to argue with, because I generally think I know what I am talking about.  My goal is to figure out the best solution to problems, which means debating options and finding the best one.  So I will be an ass, I will say that you don't know what you are talking about, and I will leave it to you to prove that your position on an issue is better than mine.......If you do, then I will be a convert.  I use to be for the death penalty, I am not anymore and would love to tell you why.  I once had a person tell me they were violently pro-life, (several weeks after I along with some other students were assaulted for helping women through a blockade of pro-lifers), so since then I call myself violently pro-choice.  I am generally fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  I am certified as a "alternative lifestyle friendly" professional through several state and national gay rights groups, as I really don't care who you love or take into your bedroom as long as they are a consenting adult.  I fervantly believe that everyone has rights, up to the point that your rights bump into mine, at that point, our "respective rights" have to strike some sort of a balance.  It is finding that balancing point that tends to be a little tricky.

I was raised in a "leave it to beaver" and "mother knows best" home and family where my friends always came over to stay when their parents were going through "problems".  I have never tried any illegal drugs or cigarettes because I was always so afraid of losing control over my life and becoming an addict, (being an asthmatic helped with the smoking issues).  So it is clear from a very young age that I was a complete control freak, which is not necessarily always a bad thing.  I have a love of science, but suck at math.  I love to help people, even if they don't want it.  My dad said I argued so much that I was only fit to be an attorney.   I have a Brittish sense of debate in that I love to find people that i can debate with, call names, belittle, and know it is all in an attempt to find common ground, and laugh about it afterwards.  While I will be serious in my intent, please don't think that I am really pissed off or upset at anything you may say, or that I may say.  Push me as hard as I am going to push you.  I have no "off limit" areas, except as to particulars about real life people I interact with.  However my "really embarrasing" stories about Mego can be wormed out of me.  Grin

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