25 April 2008

Alex Archer – Serpent’s Kiss (Rogue Angel)

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I got a bunch of books from my dad to post on PaperBack Swap and this was one of em (nearly lost in a bag full of westerns, not sure how it got there) and I started reading it and breezed through it pretty quick.  Sort of the book equivalent of a straight to dvd action movie.  This is apparently part of a series and this isn’t the first book.  The main character is a hottie archaeologist who is also the star of a tv show about history and monsters.  She is also kick ass in a fight.  And she has Joan of Arc’s sword, which she can grab by ‘reaching into otherness’ or something and basically pull it out of mid-air.  And if she drops it goes back to ‘otherness’.

There are also two super rich dudes that are involved with her that are apparently hundreds of years old. One is sort of bad and one is sorta good.

This particular book involves an ancient lost city in India, nagas, pirates, and cannibals.  There is also a tsunami.

If I got other books in the series cheap, I’d probably read them too.

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