17 August 2009

Joe R. Lansdale – Lost Echoes

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I’ve already mentioned on this blog several times that Joe R. Lansdale is possibly my favorite living author.  I’ve already told you to go out and buy his books.  So, I won’t say all that again.

If you have read some of his earlier books and enjoyed them you will most likely enjoy this one too.   None of the characters are from his other books (that I know of) but some of them have similar characters, if you know what I mean.

What I’m sayin is, Lansdale’s characters have a certain voice and even when they aren’t the same character, they often sort of sound the same.  Or at least, certain ones sound sort of like certain others.  But that’s ok, cause I like that voice.

This book is about a guy how gets a nasty ear infection as a kid and ends up with an odd ability.  Sounds will trigger echoes of violence or strong negative feelings and he will have visions of those events.  (yes, this does sound sort of like the Charlaine Harris book I just wrote about, but they are pretty different).

Eventually in one of these echoes of past violence he sees somebody he things he recognizes doing something horrible and action ensues.

Lots of violence, humor and Texas twang.  I’m still a Lansdale fan.

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