17 August 2009

F. Paul Wilson – Deep As The Marrow

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F. Paul Wilson wrote a few horror books that I enjoyed back in the 80’s so when I saw this book from him at the library used book sale for 50 cents, I snagged it.

I wasn’t too impressed with it.  It’s not a horror book, it’s a straight up thriller.  Basically the President of the United States decides to push through a bill to legalize drugs and the South American Cocaine cartels decide they can’t allow this to happen, so they kidnap the daughter of the President’s oldest and best friend.  Who is also his personal doctor.  They tell the doctor he has to give the President a shot of some nasty stuff or they kill the daughter.

You can pretty much guess the rest of the plot.  No real surprises.  I was skimming a lot.

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