26 July 2009

Wednesday Comics

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This is sort of an experimental thing being done by D.C.  It is a 12 issue run, one issue comes out every Wednesday. Last week was the third week.  Each ‘comic’ is a newspaper sized broadsheet, 14″ x 20″.  Each issue has one page devoted to a story, 15 stories total.

And they look great. I love these big ass panels and huge art.  This is the way comics should be.

The Paul Pope “Strange Adventures” story is one of my favorites, because I love Pope’s art and the Adam Strange character reminds me a lot of ERB’s Mars stories, which I also love.

Actually, out of the 15 story lines, I only dislike two, the Teen Titans and the Wonder Woman. The art in both don’t do it for me.  And this format is all about the art.

You can see more info about the story lines and characters here.

If you like comics, you should check em out.  Hopefully you can still get the first issue.  $3.99 cover price.

And support your local comic store.

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