7 November 2008

Stephen King – The Colorado Kid

Posted by Dirk under: books .

This might be the shortest book Stephen King ever put out.  There was a point in time when I had read everything King had published and would look forward eagerly for anything new he put out.  Not anymore though.  I’m not sure what the last book of his was that I read.  I picked this one up cause it caught my eye at the library and I’ve seen a few other books put out by Hard Case Crime and thought I’d check em out.

I think this particular book isn’t really a Hard Case Crime sort of book.  It doesn’t seem all that hardboiled to me.  I suppose they stretched a bit to get a Stephen King book published and I can’t really blame them.

The book itself didn’t appeal to me all that much.  The ending leaves a bit to be desired.  That sort of thing might appeal to some people but it’s not what I was expecting, not from this publisher and not from this author.  I felt sort of ripped off.  Of my time anyway, since it was a library book.

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