12 September 2008

Walter Mosley – Blonde Faith

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I first heard of Walter Mosley back about the time Bill Clinton was elected President, the first time.  In some interview or another he said that his favorite write was Walter Mosley.  Usually when a politician is asked for their favorite book or author they answer with something that makes them sound religious (The Bible) or smart somehow (some old Greek dude).  I was sort of intrigued by Clinton’s answer so I checked for Mosley at the library.  Most of his books are about a black guy in L.A. (Easy Rawlins) who does detective work.  At the start of the series he isn’t licensed but in this book he is.

The cover of this one  says it’s the 10th Easy Rawlins book.  I’m not sure if I have read em all, but I’ve read most of them.  A movie was made of the first one, I think.  Devil in a Blue Dress, starring Denzel Washington as Easy and Don Cheadle as his dangerous buddy, Mouse  (I think Don stole the movie too, he’s great).  Unfortunately they didn’t make any more Easy Rawlins movies.  I think it would have been a good franchise series.

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