12 September 2008

Friday Video: Turbonegro – The Age of Pamparius (+ bonus video)

Posted by Dirk under: Friday Video .

For thousands of years America has been exporting it’s pop culture to every drab and dismal corner of the universe.

They have really shitty weather in Norway.  The sun hardly even comes up in the winter.  As a result these guys spend months at a time in their houses, smoking dope, guzzling American pop culture and noodling on their guitars.  Turbonegro is the result.  Looking and sounding like some sort of collision between KISS and Alice Cooper and singing about “ordering motherfucking pizza tonight”.

What the heck, bonus Friday Video since I skipped last week, we’ll make it a theme day.

Hurra Torpedo.  I assume this is what happens when you add hallucinogens into the mix described above.  🙂

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