9 September 2008

Richard K. Morgan – Altered Carbon

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Some hundreds of years in the future mankind has the ability to save digital copies of people and transfer that copy into a new body.  Everybody has a ‘cortical stack’ in their spine that stores their digital copy.  If you die and the stack isn’t destroyed (“real death”) and you have the financial resources, you can get a new body.

The star of this book (the first in a series) is Takeshi Kovacs, a former UN Envoy, which are basically super special ops bad ass dudes.

In this book, Kovacs awakens in a new body and finds that he’s been more or less hired to help a very rich old dude find out who killed him.

The book is sort of a noir cyber-punk detective novel.  I like all those adjectives and this one is put together pretty good so I liked the book.

If you dig that sort of thing too you should check this one out.  I’m already halfway through the second Takeshi Kovacs book 🙂

Richard Morgan’s website.

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