12 August 2008


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One of Chico’s great treasures is Bidwell Park. It’s one of the largest municipal parks in America at over 3,500 acres. I love walking in Upper Bidwell with the dog. Lower Park is nice too but it’s much more civilized and crowded. I like going there too but in Upper Park, when you get out there a ways on one of the trails, you feel like you’re out in the wilderness.

Here are some photos on Flickr of Upper Park.

Two things blight Upper Park. One is the power lines that run across from one ridge to the other. Those have been there since I’ve lived here. I’ve grown used to them. The other is quite a bit more recent. On one side of the park, along the ridge, some houses have been built. Those McMansions really annoy me every time I look up while I’m walking in Upper Park. Our local free weekly recently did a story about The 10 Ugliest Spots in Chico and those eyesores got chosen as one of the 10.  Here is a larger picture of the one I have posted above.  You can see the houses better in that one.

What is tragic is that in the recent wildfire problem we had here in Butte County quite a few homes were burnt to the ground but not a single one of them was on that ridge. Maybe next time.

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