7 August 2008

David Wong – John Dies At The End

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This is a pretty fun book.  It was described to me as “H.P. Lovecraft meets Kevin Smith” and since I like both of those guys, I had to check it out.

There was one problem though.  Finding the book.  It is available to read free online but I’ve never liked reading long documents on my computer.  I like a book I can carry around with me and read while laying on my couch, bed, or in the car.   The book was printed as a dead tree book but it seems it was some sort of print on demand thing and it was only available for a short time.  The copies I found for sale on Amazon were upwards of a hundred bucks, which was a bit too much for me.  Luckily an old friend had a copy and sent it to me.  Thanks!

The book has funny parts, mainly snappy dialogue and two wacky slacker characters (that’s the Kevin Smith part) and it has some horror parts with demons from another dimension trying to take over our world (the Lovecraft part).  I think I started getting weird shit burnout partway through the book.  Every other page it seems like some totally wacky thing is said or some bizarre shit happens and after a while I sort of got numb to it.

The characters were fun.  It even had a cool dog character.  Don Coscarelli, director of Bubba Ho-tep, is supposed to be making this into a movie, which should be interesting.  I hope it turns out well.

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