19 June 2008

The Big Hero; or, How to Make Friends with an Arachnophobe…

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Doro was not an immediate fan of Tattoo. When she first met him she thought he was an ugly sociopath of a dog. This was partly due to the fact that Tattoo and I had just walked across town in the summer and Tattoo was panting like a steam engine. When he’s doing that his mouth is wide open, his tongue is flopping out and hanging down around his ankles and his eyes are all squinty. Not his best look. Also, we were at Doro’s house and Tattoo was super interested in catching and doing something horribly medieval to her cats.

Since that initial meeting she has found that he is a pretty nice dog and has grown attached to him also. She still doesn’t want him licking her (considering his tendency to eat anything vaguely organic I don’t really blame her) and he’s gotten a few demerits from her when he gets overly rambunctious and nips at her.

Last week though the dog managed to cement his spot in the house. He’s a keeper as far as Doro goes.

I was in front of my computer, zoned out in the internet. Doro was putting away some stuff in a cabinet we rarely access. Suddenly she screamed like she was auditioning for a horror movie. I looked over and she was sorta jumping around and screaming about a spider. I was sort of amused by her hysterics and spiders are not a big deal for me so I wasn’t moving to help as fast as I could have been. As I started over to her, the dog noticed what she was pointing at on the floor and grabbed the spider, gave it a little shake, dropped it, picked it up again and ate it.

Then he got two big dog biscuits and effusive praise from DoroArachnophobia.

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