15 June 2008

Turpentine – Spring Warren

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Sometime in the 1870’s Edward Turrentine Bayard The Third, an invalid most of his 17 years, is bundled up (and bled and dosed with some medical arsenic) by his personal physician and then sent off to Nebraska to a private sanitarium where it is hoped the fresh air and Western spirit will help him recover his health. Problem is, when Ed gets to Nebraska he finds out the sanitarium is a hoax.

Letters sent home are unanswered and Ed finds himself abandoned on the plains and starts working as a buffalo skinner and that’s about where the book begins 🙂

I dug this book. It’s a Western but not of the Louis L’Amour variety. It had several laugh out loud passages and some sad ones too. Lots of memorable characters.

Turpentine: A Novel

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